Magic beans from Bask Triangle Farms

Magic beans from Bask Triangle Farms

Organic Earth has obtained some new cupwinning strains from Bask Triangle Farms. Their seeds are handcrafted with love so everyone can make their own premium organic flowers.


Real lovers of good weed and proud of their results they have visited quite some cups in the last years. And won some prices for their quality strains. Check their Instagram page to find out more of them.

Fruity flavors

Lots of sweet and fruity flavors in their strains and more Sativa based pheno’s, their packs are filled with 12 regular seeds.

RainScience GrowBags provides extra oxygen for your roots

RainScience GrowBags provides extra oxygen for your roots

Better drainage than old school grow bags or plastic pots. Organic Earth has some new sizes in stock.

The most technologically advanced Grow bags available

 Rain Science® grow bags makes container gardening a lot easier.  Grow bigger and healthier plants.  

  • Air root pruning creates masses of fibrous feeder roots which maximize plant growth
  • Minimized root circling allows for longer life in Rain Science Grow bag
  • Rain Science® Grow bags material is Certified safe, nothing is exchanged with the soil and is great for all natural gardening 

How do they work?

With normal fabric Grow pots there is often a problem with mold build up and root rot from the fabric staying wet. The wet material does not allow air to pass very freely. The special mesh from RainScience GrowBags allows for better drainage than traditional grow bags.  Rain Science Grow bags provides more oxygen to the soil because of  improved air flow through the fabric. This air flow facilitates a process called air root pruning, where the plant creates a bunch of tiny feeder roots which are better at absorbing nutrients,  this in turn leads to increased plant growth.


Why not just use Plastic pots?

  When your roots grow, they will quickly reach the container walls. With Old School plastic containers, these roots immediately start circling and continue to circle. If you look at the root structure from a plant in a plastic pot you find a few large roots growing in circles with very little side branching, the roots will soon bind upon themselves, restricting nutrient uptake and eventually lead to root bound plants and death.

Why are Rain Science Grow Bags® better than Traditional plastic containers?

Rain Science grow bags aerate your root zone and plastic containers do not. Root  Aeration stops root circling by Air pruning, helping your plant build a stronger root structure. Better roots means a faster growing healthier plant. Old School plant pots also hold a lot of heat, which can lead to a whole new set of problems. Rain Science Bags actually dissipate heat keeping your roots at an optimal temperature.

Are Rain Science Growbags® Good for organic Gardening

Yes, Rain Science Grow bags® meet the requirements of the CA Department of Public Health “Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions.We leach nothing to the soil and exchange nothing with the environment. If the rest of your grow is organic you can feel confident using Rain Science. 

What is air pruning?

Air pruning is a natural process that happens as plant roots come in contact with fresh air near the walls of the growbag, the root tip stops growing, essentially pruning itself, this causes the rest of the root to branch off with many tiny feeder roots, instead of a few circling roots. These new roots will continue to colonize bag, allowing the plant to maximize uptake of both water and nutrients.  

Are Rain Science Growbags Reusable? How do I clean them?

Yes, Rain Science Grow bags® can be reused over and over again. You can wash them with dish soap and warm water. If you need to sterilize your bags they can be soaked in a solution of H2o2 and water. They are also washing machine safe, so feel free to throw them in with the laundry.

Do I need to use a special potting mix?

You can use any potting mix with Rain Science grow bags®. We recommend something you are familiar with.  Because of the extra aeration, your soil may dry out faster and  you might wish to adjust your watering schedule or growing medium depending on the moisture requirements of specific plants.

Available in Organic Earth

We have several models in stock:

1 Gallon / 4 liter

3 Gallon / 12 liter Black

3 Gallon / 12 liter White

5 Gallon pot / 20 liter

10 Gallon pot / 40 liter

65 Gallon Growbed / 247 liter

Green House Bio Feeding is 100% natural

Green House Bio Feeding is 100% natural

Keep it simple with Green House Bio Feeding

The Greenhouse company is wellknown in the world of cannabis: there are the coffeeshops in Amsterdam, the Green House Seed Company, the strainhunter-expiditions, all represented by founder Arjan Roskam, self-proclaimed “King of Cannabis”.

Greenhouse Feeding Company

Green House Feeding’s objective is to provide cultivators globally with the highest quality plant nutrients enabling them to achieve unprecedented results by allowing plants to develop to their full genetic potential.
Not only creating highly efficient products but also simplifying the application of nutrients.

What is Bio Feeding

Bio Feeding is a nutrient line, developed to be used for organic farming. Bio Feeding products are a 100% biological blend of natural-minerals and organic nutrients, which provide all essential macro- and micro nutrients and promote the microbial life in the soil, helping to establish a healthy soil-food-web.

Greenhouse has created powdered products, because a finer product creates a bigger surface that comes in contact with the soil microbial life, resulting in more efficient nutrient uptake compared to tablets or pellets. Besides, fertilizers in powder form are easier to use, store, transport and have a longer shelf life than liquid plant nutrients.

You can see how it works, in this video.

More about its origins

The organic raw materials used in Bio Feeding products are sourced in Germany and Switzerland and are all Non-GMO (Not Genetically Modified Organism).

Beneficial microbes that occur naturally in the raw ingredients (e.g. malt germs, canola meal & vinasse) help to decompose the organic matter converting it into a mineral form and releasing nutrients that are readily available for the plant. The microbial activity of the soil is improved by supplying components that can form humus. The process of forming humus depends on the conditions of the soil (e.g. humidity, temperature, pH-value, microbial activity, organic matter content, etc.).

Using the raw ingredients by themselves are not always the best plant nutrition. It is the combination of specific ingredients that creates a highly effective fertilizer.

Simplicity is the secret for success!

BioGrow and BioBloom need to be mixed into the substrate. It can be used in soil, coco or similar substrates. 
It can be mixed at the time of transplantation or added later as top dressing (mixed into the top layer of the soil). The nutrients will be released constantly during a period of 8 weeks.

Fungus appears

Mycelium from beneficial fungus can appear on top of the substrate. It improves microbial life inside the substrate and will not harm humans, animals or plants. Fungi is the main agent of the decomposition of organic matter such as simple sugars, amino acids, etc. It solubilizes minerals that are not initially available to plants.



Mix BioEnhancer with water and apply to the plants when watering, once every two weeks. Can be used during the whole cycle (vegetative growth and flowering). Use the BioEnhancer after transplant for better root development.


Grow higher with URB Natural

Grow higher with URB Natural

URB Natural is an 100% eco-friendly, broad spectrum, stimulative, poly-microbial agent. URB Natural aids plant development in all stages of a plant’s growth and bloom cycle. Containing several strains of bacteria and fungi it improves root and thus plantlife.

Increase Root Mass, Aid Vigour, Boost Yields and “Grow Higher” with URB Natural

Microbes play a vital role in all aspects plant health and at all stages of plant life. When you use it in combination with your existing nutrient regime, URB Natural floods your root zone with beneficial microbial life. Expect to see a larger and healthier root mass, along with an improved resistance to disease and larger crops. This tried and tested formula contains no GMO’s or PGR’s to promote increased plant vitality and is taking the indoor growing world by storm.

Changing the Game……

While the idea of microbial inoculants for stimulating crop production is not new, careful and deliberate design of a formulation to contain multiple, naturally occurring phylogenetic groups of organisms with complementary functionalities and noticeable effects from seed to final flush, with little or no need for added chemical fertilizers and pesticides is innovative.

URB Sciences believes the design of the URB product line is better than any of its competitors since it takes a holistic, synergistic approach to boosting crop yields and decreasing inputs in a sustainable manner. The documented benefits achieved with URB are clearly better than any known competitor.

Simple to use, Clean & Certified Organic

  • SAFE and EFFECTIVE on all plant life, in all growing mediums and systems
  • Proven Effective For Starting Seeds & Rooting Clones
  • Finish Strong. Increase Yields & Overall Crop Quality

Why should you use URB?

With 5 strains of microbes in 12% humate liquid, URB amends the soil helping nature fend for itself. It stimulates germination rates, nutrient uptake, bacterial resistance, root penetration and transpiration to increase crop yields without ANY non-organic materials. URB’s goal with farmers is succeeding because these leaders are now reducing chemical inputs by building the soil instead of feeding the plants. Chemical fertilizers lead to more damage, less resistance, and ecological damage. Non bio-pesticides are toxic to not only pests, but also to other beneficial organisms and plants.

That is why URB Natural are outside the EPA’s scope. The challenge to you is simple: because URB is organic and does not require EPA registration and permits because it does not make claims as a (bio-)pesticide (verified mid-June by EPA Head of Bio-Pesticides) and because the essence its maker’s mission is environmental protection, are you prepared to profit in ‘the new green economy’ using natural means while weaning off petroleum-based and chemical inputs – thus saving your money?

Other benefits

Farmers who are using the polymicrobial power of URB to make their soil work better for their profits. One example is cutting nitrogen inputs by at least 50% while increasing the yield significantly. The reason for decreasing N is fairly simple. As you know, nitrogen inputs are delivered with ammonia. At least 50% of N is lost when it is “volatized” off, or lost as nitrous oxide due to ion exchange with ammonia and from water runoff. With URB certain microbes chelate, or bond with, that otherwise lost N ion. So you need 50% less input to begin with. How much money would that save?

URB forage matures faster containing more chlorophyll, stimulated by more bio-available (formerly dormant) micronutrients, trace elements and water uptake from softer, microflora-enriched soil. Microbes emit gummy substances building soil structure to reduce erosion; decompose waste from soil “grinders” (earthworms, etc.); stabilize pH, liberate organic fertilizer nutrients and reduce soil compaction via water retention; cycle nutrients to regulate and fix soil N, fix airborne di-nitrogen especially with legume nodules; and mineralize organics for conversion to CO2, NH4+, NO3-, and SO4 (Sulfate) for plant uptake.

How URB Natural works

The precision engineered microbial formulation is suspended in a triple screened 12% humic acid carrier, stabilized at a balanced pH of 7.0, which allows it to effectively work in all mediums and growing systems. These humates act as a carbon food source for the microbial formulation, are high in organic matter and contain micronutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.


  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Bacillus lichenformis
  • Bacillus subtilis subsp. spiziizeni
  • Bacillus pumilus -Bacillus megaterium
  • Trichoderma harzianum

Check out their Instagram…..

Buy here.

Lurpe, ingredients of natural origin

Lurpe, ingredients of natural origin

There is a growing demand for organic products. Therefore Organic Earth went on a search and found Lurpe Natural Solutions. Fertilizers out of natural origin. The best way to develop the most tasty terpenes is with natural ingedients. Working with nature, not against it. In symbiosis it’s easier.

The company

Lurpe Natural Solutions was born with the aim of guiding its clients to generate a living and healthy soil. Therefore they created specific blends with the best ingredients, to guarantee natural nutrition in all phases of plant development.
The company consists of a multidisciplinary team with diverse capacities that takes them 20 years in the agricultural sector, without losing the illusion of learning more about the life on soils.
Lurpe wants their action to contribute to change the model in which we live towards something more respectful with the environment. That is why all the people at the Lurpe Natural Solutions team live in natural environments in contact with nature.

Lurpe’s way of working:

Symbiosis: Observing nature to generate products in tune with the environment.

Simplicity: Simplified all the processes for an optimal result in the crops.

Quality: The best ingredients to obtain the best results.

A healthy harvest

To obtain a healthy and tasty flower it is recommended to use only natural ingediënts. In the program which Lurpe offers you can find recepies for mixing with your soil and mixtures to make an optimal compost tea. And ofcourse Molasse, to feed your beneficial bacteria and micorhizea.

How to work with Lurpe

Lurpe offers different products, with distinct ingrediënts.

  • The molasses (Melaza) are for boosting the compost tea (1,5 ml per liter)
  • Kelp Meal: to mix in the soil or to use in compost tea (2 grammes per liter)
  • Volcanic ashes: use it to make Super Soil, and/or in compost tea (1-2 gr per L)
  • Hydrolized Kelp can be used both in irrigation and in foliar application
  • Healthy Harvest is a direct to use blend to make you own compost tea for the flowering stage; use 8 ml per liter of (NON-CHLORINATED) water and add the double of wormcastings
  • Green Sunrise is a direct to use blend to make you own compost tea for the growing stage; use 8 ml per liter of water and add the double of wormcastings
  • Earth Vibes Super Soil: to make a Super Soil mix 700 grammes with 50 liters of substrate (and add worm castings, ofcourse) and use the supplied Rhizobacteria, Mycorrhizal Fungus and Trichoderma spp in the proper way
  • Tasty Flowers top dress 4-6 g / l of substrate; Sprinkle on the surface of the substrate and mix with the first 5-10 cm. Apply at the beginning of flowering.

Making your own compost tea

Making your own compost tea

Compost tea is a mixture of water with nutrients and oxygen-loving (aerobic) bacteria, fungi, nematodes and other microbes that live in finished compost. It is not easy to separate these organisms from compost, which is why compost tea is made by mixing compost in water for a day or more.

How to make your own tea

Start with a watertank filled with NON-CHLORINATED water and add your preferred ingredients. Best to do so in a so called teabag. For better results you can add Molasses.

Oxygenate the mixture with an air pump for 12 to 48 hours. If you making your compost tea with a water temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. It will take up to 48 hours before the mix is ready. With an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, your mix is ready in 24 hours.

You can evaporate the chlorine out of tapwater by exposing it to the light and letting it rest for at least 24 hours or oxygenating with an air pump, several hours before making the tea.

Video tells you more then words

Take a look at this video . It shows how to make a compost tea.

This video shows you making tea with your own worm casting

What can you use as compost

How to make a compost is a profesion in itself. Using, for instance, your kitchen scraps, mixing it with leaves and mawn grass is hard but thankfull work. But not everyone has the chance to make his own compost pile. Organic Earth has a lot to offer when you want to make your own compost tea: Plagron Mega worm, Plagron Bat Guano, Bio Tabs PK Compost Tea, Lurpe Green Sunrise, Lurpe Healthy Harvest,

The main disadvantage to compost tea is that its benefits are reliant upon the quality of the compost used to make the tea. This makes its effectiveness very difficult to predict because no two batches are exactly the same, even if you use compost from the same pile.

On the other hand; if you trust mother nature, you know this is the way to go.

How to use

You can apply compost tea in irrigation and via foliar. A foliar application of tea will cover the surface of the leaves with microbes that protect from pathogens.

During the proces, foam may be generated, it is not an indicative of tea quality.

  • Drain the bag to take advantage of the remaining juices.Irrigate without filtering.
  • Undiluted for the most demanding crops.
  • Dilute up to 10% in less demanding crops and/or as a foliar spray.
  • Compost the content of the bag.

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