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On Balance DX-150


The DX-150 is an accurate mini scale which can weigh up to 150 grams with an 0.1 gram precision. The On Balance DX-150 has an slide off lide to protect the weighing platform. The DX-150 also has a tare function, auto-off, backlit display and overload protection.

Brimex Bug-Scan® Yellow


Bug Scan for rapid observation of various winged insects and mites. The perfect tool to timely determine the presence of pests and to monitor the populations of existing pests.

Black/white foil 2x25m


Black/white foil ensures that the plants get the most out of the light. reflecting material on the walls sends the light to the plants. the white side reflects the light and is the visible side. The black back prevents light shining through the plastic.

Voi-vmvl cable 3×1,5 mm


Voi-vmvl cable white 3×1,5 mm p/mtr.



9 weeks will deliver the most amount of resin, but commercial growers harvest in 8 weeks.

Jack Herer


Strong on body and mind, complex and very long lasting. Medicinally effective in pain reduction and appetite stimulation.

Super Silver Haze


Probably the most famous sativa plant in the world, a classic hit.
Strong, fast-hitter, long lasting effect.

Super Lemon Haze


A very citrus-like haze, works fast and lasts long. Medium-tall plant, long and wide branches, ideal for ScrOG or LST.

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