The summer of 2023 is going to be awesome !

The summer of 2023 is going to be awesome !

With sunlight it is possible to make a product without an ecological footprint . The sun is for free and, if there are enough sun-hours, the plants will make you happy with dense and juicy buds.

Spring is in the air

Still freezing at night but it is almost time to start popping those seeds. If you are new to growing outdoor we recommend you to read this first. For now it is time to make a pick for what the smoke for next winter will be.

Our choice for 2023

Autoflowers for 2023:

Autoflowers can go both inside and outside. If you pop the seeds in the middle of may (after the ice saints), you can expect to harvest around the end of july.

The future of autoflowers is on Night Owl Seeds

The future of autoflowers is on Night Owl Seeds

Autoflowers are indispensable in todays cannabis world. They are a solution for people living in small spaces and for quick solutions. At Organic Earth we offer you the best genetics available on this market.

About Night Owl Seeds

Night Owl Seeds Auto cannabis strains is a side project of the legendary breeder, Daz from Mephisto GeneticsDaz has been creating incredible Autoflower Cannabis for nearly a decade since 2014.

Night Owl Seeds unique crosses express unique effects & flavour profiles never before seen in autoflowering cannabis strains which haven’t always been held in as high regard as photoperiod strains, but Night Owl Seeds is here to change that with their impeccably unique ranges of cannabis terp profiles & heavy effects. 

Whether you’re a veteran of the autoflower genetics scene looking for your next new hit or just a first-time autoflower grower, you can’t go wrong with Night Owl Seeds!

Zmoothiez Genetics made with love and passion

Zmoothiez Genetics made with love and passion

And again Organic Earth offers a new breeder to the public. Very fruitfull genetics with lots of vigour and flavour.


After more than 25 years of passion, cultures, travels around the planet, great encounters all over the world, collection of elite clones and multiple selections of rare and exceptional cannabis genetics, ZmoothieZ started to share all their genetics based on 25 years of work, studies, research, failures, successes and above all love.


All seeds are made by hand and grown organicly and with love and focussed on fruitful flavors to make the tastiest hash. Their weed genetics have been tested on several continents indoors and outdoors under various climatic conditions.

“Cannabis is our art of living, our lover, it’s our driving force and our inspiration in this world ! !
We would like to thank all our partners, sponsors and distributors, testers, supporters, friends for the unconditional support for our ZmoothieZ project.”

Candy Collection

Below you will find the Zmoothiez Genetics we offer:

Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds

About Ripper Seeds

The origin of Ripper Seeds dates back to the early 2000s, when their fondness for this plant species became for almost all of them in their daily work. The Grow Shop sector in Spain was just born and grew in the peninsula and the people from Ripper along with it. During this period they select different types of varieties that they still keep today. Their knowledge grew over the years but it was not until the middle of 2011 when they decided to meet and found Ripper Seeds. Since then they strive to make their work a little better every day and to be able to offer their followers high-quality seeds that are 100% feminized.

Original Genetics

Since Organic Earth started selling Ripper Seeds around 2016, we knew there was something new cooking: the old genetics from the older seedbanks where getting boring and did’t meet up to the expectations. Ripper used some older genetics but mainly new genetics from across the ocean to create some new and interesting crosses with some amazing terps.

Our Ripper program

See for yourself what we offer:

New seeds from Perfect Tree

New seeds from Perfect Tree

And again the people from Perfect Tree have some new brilliant genetics to offer to you. Using the pollen from their cup-winning cut of the Jet A, which they reversed from Exotic Genetix, to pollinate an impeccable mix of mothers from Perfect Trees’ stables.

New strains

Most crosses from Perfect Tree are Hybrids, with a Indica dominance: medium height plants with nice and compact flowers. Also the new strains coming from Perfect Tree, are Indica-dominant and they are for sure very great, just like the other seeds they offer: take a look at their earlier drops: drop and drop.

In Z Air

With every purchase of the Jet A female line you get 6 seeds In Z Air

Perfect Tree used a cut of Z Cube from Dying Breed Seeds with their cut of the Jet A (Rev.) from Exotic Genetix to make In Z Air. This cross is full of Rainbow terps enforced by the potency of the Jet A, that will bring some hints of fuel. as usual. In Z Air is a beautiful and easy plant to grow, the trichomes that covers flowers and leaves are huge and greasy, the liver terpenes on the plant are insane and will be stronger till the end.

With a good cure the Zkittlez side of this strain show up strongly and dominates, extend your curing time and keep the flower stored properly and you’ll get even more
of the Zkittlez side.

Jet A drop Part 3:

Old J seeds, our passion in your garden

Old J seeds, our passion in your garden

After years of study and research, the Old J Seeds project was born in 2020: a new seed bank created by a small and young collective of organic growers and breeders with the idea of creating new terpene profiles.

Thé passion for your garden

Organic Growers n Breeders?, working with new genetics, creating fruity and gassy terps. At Organic Earth we are waiting for their new line coming soon: Jessie Juice Revenge (Forbidden Fruit x Zoul). The seeds we sell, you can find here.

For people who want to find out more on Old J Seeds go to their Instagram and Facebook.

In stock:

Grounded Genetics are here to stay

Grounded Genetics are here to stay

Already in our shop for a while now, Grounded Genetics has proven to be a real winner. They produce geneticly stable seeds out of extra-ordinary genetics.

Short history

Over the last few decades, Grounded Genetics stayed behind the scenes focussing on cultivation and hash making on the legacy market, becoming deeply entrenched in the global cannabis scene. This deep dedication has led to them building several award-winning extracts and flower brands, placing first in events such as Legends of Hashish in Amsterdam as well as collaborative wins across Europe with brands such as DNA Genetics and Marimberos.
Now Grounded Genetics are proud to finally share with the culture some of their best work to date in seed form.

Find out more on Grounded Genetics on Instagram.

This is for now the only strains to choose from (the rest is all sold out):

Magic beans from Bask Triangle Farms

Magic beans from Bask Triangle Farms

Organic Earth has obtained some new cupwinning strains from Bask Triangle Farms. Their seeds are handcrafted with love so everyone can make their own premium organic flowers.


Real lovers of good weed and proud of their results they have visited quite some cups in the last years. And won some prices for their quality strains. Check their Instagram page to find out more of them.

Fruity flavors

Lots of sweet and fruity flavors in their strains and more Sativa based pheno’s, their packs are filled with 12 regular seeds.

Latest drop: Sour Rainbow #29 bx1 from OG’Naj

Latest drop: Sour Rainbow #29 bx1 from OG’Naj

We are very happy to announce that OG’Naj has succeeded in backcrossing his famous Sour Rainbow #29 and that we are working together in making these unique genetics available for the public.

Passion for the plant

Og ‘Naj started growing in 2005. Soon his attention for this beautiful plant turned into passion. From 2009 he attended events such as the cannabis cup, fair and expo.

Returning from his first Cup, he decided to create his first variety of his own by crossing BubbleGum from Serious Seeds and NYC diesel from Soma. A few months later, in 2011, the Og’Naj Sour Bubble was born.

A few years later he took part in the HomeGrow Cup where he presented the Napoleon Haze. And she won first place! With all this positive feedback, he decided to launch his own seed line under the name Og ‘Naj Genetics.

Breeding starts with your own male

Sour Rainbow is none other than Rainbow Belts from Archive Seeds crossed with KG SourD bx2 from Karma Genetics. After selecting from his own stock, finding the amazing #29 this story just started. After a raid from the police OG’Naj was left with a cut-off plant that still had some green on it. With a lot of patience he revived this plant. And then he made a backcross to make it even more gassy and more stable.

Drop is now !

The drop starts a week before 4-20. These exquisite seeds are for this moment exclusivly available at Organic Earth.

Get them here.

Below, you will find more of OG Naj Genetics:

Outstanding terps are growing out of Perfect Tree Seeds

Outstanding terps are growing out of Perfect Tree Seeds

Perfect tree is a small handcrafted cannabis seed company created by a group of passionate people. Consisting of growers, extractors and collectors, they are constantly experimenting with the plant to find the best genes. They selected some of the finest strains coming from different seed banks and breeders all around the world.

Cup winner genetics

Perfect tree kept the best one, the one that impressed them the most for their terpenes profile, the resin production and the emotions that they delivered.

Their goal today is to develop some intense and surprising aromatic varieties, to meet the expectations of the connoisseurs. They are working exclusively from seeds coming from modern hybrid varieties to obtain some unique plants.

Perfect tree offer feminized seed so the grower can enjoy the taste of the original selected clones. To ensure the quality and stability of their varieties, they are testing 100% of their seeds. They also have a team of growers worldwide that test them in all kind of environments. The quality is the most important thing for them, they want you to be amazed by the beauty, the resin and all the great aromas of the plants that sweat into the room.

To see more of their beautiful cup-winning creations, go to their Instagram-page.

Peach Ozz crosses

Available in our onlineshop as well as in the physical shop, we have the latest line of female seeds, all crosses with Peach Ozz (Learn more)

All packs come with freebees: Peach Tree (as long as stock lasts)

ONI Seed Co, breeder of the famous Tropicanna Cookies

ONI Seed Co, breeder of the famous Tropicanna Cookies

Organic Earth likes to introduce you to Oni Seed Co. Breeders with a focus on quality over quantity, breeding proven hash making varieties.

Founded with a goal

Oni Seed Co is founded by Harry Palms and Oni Noodles in an attempt to bring the ultimate in flavour forward flowers and hash producing varieties of Cannabis to the emerging market of legal growers. With a focus on quality over quantity, just the way we like to see at Organic Earth. At ONI as well, they prefer to work with what they enjoy over any trend or fad.

ONI takes their selection process very seriously and as a result, their lines are bred with purpose and clear intention. They offer a variety of work from several perspectives that is sure to include something for everyone. ONI’s strains are proven hash making varieties and continue to win awards around the globe.

Winners in their field

Oni Seed Co is a group of artisans, and craft cannabis breeders/growers/hash makers that all believe in a quality over quantity aspect. A seed company that believes in more than just the propagation of a so called “good” genetic line, but the breeding of multiple strong lines and then narrowing it down to only the strongest, and ones that are high in terpenes and cannabinoids. As well as giving you the growing structure needed to successfully flourish during harvest.

Since the flagship strain Tropicana Cookies (Bred and Selected by _HarrryPalms_ (GscxTangie) the company has made its main aim clean medicine and the advancement of superior genetics throughout the cannabis world. Oni Seed Co is responsible for two awards in its new entrance to the competition world. _HarrryPalms_ took 2nd Place best Non-Solvent at Chalice 2017 as well as 1st place for Highest terpene content in a Non-Solvent, both awards were taken with the extremely flavorful strain “Strawberry Guava, which is a cross between Crockett’s Strawberry Banana (14er Selection) and their mother cut of Papaya.

The future is near

For making your own extraction these are the strains where you where looking for: rich in vigorous, oily buds. Sticky as glue. Whether you want to make rosin, BHO or dryhasj, the results will be amazing. Expect more new strains from these boyz.

Do you have a question or need more info ? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

New year, new look. Our shop gets a full renovation

New year, new look. Our shop gets a full renovation

For more than 28 years, Organic Earth is the trusted address for the hobby grower with a predilection for the cannabis plant. You can go there for cultivation equipment and cannabis seeds.

Organic Earth’s transformation

Organic Earth’s physical store has been located at Brusselsestraat 83 in Maastricht since October 1992.

It is a narrow, elongated building and the first floor is partly used as an office and partly as a showroom. The ground floor is where we set up the store with the items that we also have for sale directly. In recent years it has become apparent that it is impossible for our small shop to have everything in the field of cannabis cultivation directly in stock. The variety of products that can be used in cannabis cultivation is enormous and the race with internet stores that say they do have everything in stock is impossible for us.

Renewed product range

We therefore decided, at the beginning of 2020, to drastically adjust our offer. It took some time to get our stock in order and after all “shop daughters” had left the store, we could focus on the presentation of our range.

Over the years, the interior of the store has been adapted several times and moved the furniture to different places. Always with the same natural look with cork and wood.

These times of the Internet and of the imminent legalization of cannabis cultivation, require a new look at the “grow shop” phenomenon. In our store you can still buy a small grow room with everything you need for growing your own plants; in our shop, for example, you can find an electronic transformer for controlling a high-pressure sodium lamp or carbon filters for filtering unpleasant odors. You can also contact us for the replacement of a lamp, an upgrade to LED or for a pH meter.

Three important pillars

But our specialties are now receiving full attention.

In the first place, of course, our renewed seed range; You will find a variety of seeds in our collection, mainly from American genetics, but also regional breeders who are committed to improving flavor profiles in Europe. We will continue to strive to offer unique and surprising genetics in our store and webshop.

Second, there are the nutrients. Every grower has their own preferences when it comes to the choice for fertilizers. In our shop we have chosen the range of old skool CANNA, the naturals from Plagron, boosters from Aptus, the entire line of Biotabs, Elite91 and soon a new line of natural boosters.

Some are used to applying other feeding to their plants. Of course we can also obtain most other fertilizers: when ordering a fertilizer that we do not have in stock, please allow at least three days before we have it in stock.

Last but not least, we now have various predator insects in stock that can be used immediately to suppress a pest such as spider mites or thrips. Control with the help of natural enemies is the only correct way to eliminate harmful insects. Every week we get a fresh batch of predatory mites and other natural born killers to help in the war against pests that are in or on your plant.

To propagate the new vision

In order to put all these fields in the spotlight, it was time for a major change in the store: we moved around a lot with the available store elements, broke down a few things and gave everything a fresh, new color. The store has been given a completely different look and the customer has a better idea of ​​what we are actually selling. At a glance you can view our seed menu that we present on the wall.

Behind the counter, all our fertilizers are neatly arranged so that everyone can choose which food for the plants he or she wants to use. The refrigerator with fresh natural enemies is on the counter, directly in sight, so no one can forget about them. And on the shelves we have a constantly changing presentation of our specials: usually seeds or breeders that deserve some extra attention.


The store has had a complete make-over and you are welcome to visit us. Even if it is only to take a look and, as a hobby grower, get inspired by the fresh, honest and simple way of life that we strive for in Organic Earth.

At this moment, it looks like we will be able to open on Wednesday, the 10th of February. Let’s hope that the corona lockdown will last no longer, but to give everyone an idea of ​​our new interior and to show what we are doing during this lockdown, here are a few pictures from the renovation.

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