RainScience GrowBags provides extra oxygen for your roots

RainScience GrowBags provides extra oxygen for your roots

Better drainage than old school grow bags or plastic pots. Organic Earth has some new sizes in stock.

The most technologically advanced Grow bags available

 Rain Science® grow bags makes container gardening a lot easier.  Grow bigger and healthier plants.  

  • Air root pruning creates masses of fibrous feeder roots which maximize plant growth
  • Minimized root circling allows for longer life in Rain Science Grow bag
  • Rain Science® Grow bags material is Certified safe, nothing is exchanged with the soil and is great for all natural gardening 

How do they work?

With normal fabric Grow pots there is often a problem with mold build up and root rot from the fabric staying wet. The wet material does not allow air to pass very freely. The special mesh from RainScience GrowBags allows for better drainage than traditional grow bags.  Rain Science Grow bags provides more oxygen to the soil because of  improved air flow through the fabric. This air flow facilitates a process called air root pruning, where the plant creates a bunch of tiny feeder roots which are better at absorbing nutrients,  this in turn leads to increased plant growth.


Why not just use Plastic pots?

  When your roots grow, they will quickly reach the container walls. With Old School plastic containers, these roots immediately start circling and continue to circle. If you look at the root structure from a plant in a plastic pot you find a few large roots growing in circles with very little side branching, the roots will soon bind upon themselves, restricting nutrient uptake and eventually lead to root bound plants and death.

Why are Rain Science Grow Bags® better than Traditional plastic containers?

Rain Science grow bags aerate your root zone and plastic containers do not. Root  Aeration stops root circling by Air pruning, helping your plant build a stronger root structure. Better roots means a faster growing healthier plant. Old School plant pots also hold a lot of heat, which can lead to a whole new set of problems. Rain Science Bags actually dissipate heat keeping your roots at an optimal temperature.

Are Rain Science Growbags® Good for organic Gardening

Yes, Rain Science Grow bags® meet the requirements of the CA Department of Public Health “Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions.We leach nothing to the soil and exchange nothing with the environment. If the rest of your grow is organic you can feel confident using Rain Science. 

What is air pruning?

Air pruning is a natural process that happens as plant roots come in contact with fresh air near the walls of the growbag, the root tip stops growing, essentially pruning itself, this causes the rest of the root to branch off with many tiny feeder roots, instead of a few circling roots. These new roots will continue to colonize bag, allowing the plant to maximize uptake of both water and nutrients.  

Are Rain Science Growbags Reusable? How do I clean them?

Yes, Rain Science Grow bags® can be reused over and over again. You can wash them with dish soap and warm water. If you need to sterilize your bags they can be soaked in a solution of H2o2 and water. They are also washing machine safe, so feel free to throw them in with the laundry.

Do I need to use a special potting mix?

You can use any potting mix with Rain Science grow bags®. We recommend something you are familiar with.  Because of the extra aeration, your soil may dry out faster and  you might wish to adjust your watering schedule or growing medium depending on the moisture requirements of specific plants.

Available in Organic Earth

We have several models in stock:

1 Gallon / 4 liter

3 Gallon / 12 liter Black

3 Gallon / 12 liter White

5 Gallon pot / 20 liter

10 Gallon pot / 40 liter

65 Gallon Growbed / 247 liter

New year, new look. Our shop gets a full renovation

New year, new look. Our shop gets a full renovation

For more than 28 years, Organic Earth is the trusted address for the hobby grower with a predilection for the cannabis plant. You can go there for cultivation equipment and cannabis seeds.

Organic Earth’s transformation

Organic Earth’s physical store has been located at Brusselsestraat 83 in Maastricht since October 1992.

It is a narrow, elongated building and the first floor is partly used as an office and partly as a showroom. The ground floor is where we set up the store with the items that we also have for sale directly. In recent years it has become apparent that it is impossible for our small shop to have everything in the field of cannabis cultivation directly in stock. The variety of products that can be used in cannabis cultivation is enormous and the race with internet stores that say they do have everything in stock is impossible for us.

Renewed product range

We therefore decided, at the beginning of 2020, to drastically adjust our offer. It took some time to get our stock in order and after all “shop daughters” had left the store, we could focus on the presentation of our range.

Over the years, the interior of the store has been adapted several times and moved the furniture to different places. Always with the same natural look with cork and wood.

These times of the Internet and of the imminent legalization of cannabis cultivation, require a new look at the “grow shop” phenomenon. In our store you can still buy a small grow room with everything you need for growing your own plants; in our shop, for example, you can find an electronic transformer for controlling a high-pressure sodium lamp or carbon filters for filtering unpleasant odors. You can also contact us for the replacement of a lamp, an upgrade to LED or for a pH meter.

Three important pillars

But our specialties are now receiving full attention.

In the first place, of course, our renewed seed range; You will find a variety of seeds in our collection, mainly from American genetics, but also regional breeders who are committed to improving flavor profiles in Europe. We will continue to strive to offer unique and surprising genetics in our store and webshop.

Second, there are the nutrients. Every grower has their own preferences when it comes to the choice for fertilizers. In our shop we have chosen the range of old skool CANNA, the naturals from Plagron, boosters from Aptus, the entire line of Biotabs, Elite91 and soon a new line of natural boosters.

Some are used to applying other feeding to their plants. Of course we can also obtain most other fertilizers: when ordering a fertilizer that we do not have in stock, please allow at least three days before we have it in stock.

Last but not least, we now have various predator insects in stock that can be used immediately to suppress a pest such as spider mites or thrips. Control with the help of natural enemies is the only correct way to eliminate harmful insects. Every week we get a fresh batch of predatory mites and other natural born killers to help in the war against pests that are in or on your plant.

To propagate the new vision

In order to put all these fields in the spotlight, it was time for a major change in the store: we moved around a lot with the available store elements, broke down a few things and gave everything a fresh, new color. The store has been given a completely different look and the customer has a better idea of ​​what we are actually selling. At a glance you can view our seed menu that we present on the wall.

Behind the counter, all our fertilizers are neatly arranged so that everyone can choose which food for the plants he or she wants to use. The refrigerator with fresh natural enemies is on the counter, directly in sight, so no one can forget about them. And on the shelves we have a constantly changing presentation of our specials: usually seeds or breeders that deserve some extra attention.


The store has had a complete make-over and you are welcome to visit us. Even if it is only to take a look and, as a hobby grower, get inspired by the fresh, honest and simple way of life that we strive for in Organic Earth.

At this moment, it looks like we will be able to open on Wednesday, the 10th of February. Let’s hope that the corona lockdown will last no longer, but to give everyone an idea of ​​our new interior and to show what we are doing during this lockdown, here are a few pictures from the renovation.

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