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Bonanza Hans Panel 100W


You can order your plug & play grow cabinet with led grow light now. We have selected a range of led grow lights which are perfect for use in our grow cabinets. For the Bonanza mini serie we advise the Hans Panel 180W.

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You can order your plug & play grow cabinet with led grow light now. We have selected a range of led grow lights which are perfect for use in our grow cabinets. For the Bonanza mini serie we advise the Hans Panel 100W.

The advantages of growing with led are endless. Leds give your plants the light spectrum they need, no more, no less. Led lights are safe,durable and energy efficient. Besides that they give off very little heat. This opens the door to new ways of growing. The knowledge regarding light requirements from plants is developing at a rapid pace.
With this knowledge and ever expanding opportunities with led makes growing with led more successful. With most modern led lighting systems the same results per square meter as conventional lighting systems can be achieved.

With using half the energy consumption. By working effiently with light requirements you can save on high energy costs. This does not only tranlate into lower energy bills but offers other advantages. Due to the low heat given off from led you are able to use a smaller ventilation system for your growing environment. This also enables you to work with CO2 more efficiently by using a smaller extraction fan the added CO2 is not directly extracted out of you grow cabinet with led grow light. Out of the large amount of led grow lights on offer we can conducted numerous tests and chosen the best price/quality led grow lights on the market.

The Hans Panels consist of powerful Cree diodes in different colours which together provide the complete light spectrum for the whole growing cycle of plant life.

Hans Panels have been on the market for over 10 years and have proven their efficiency.
On the internet you will find many positive reviews on the Hans Panels. These led grow lights are a Dutch product and are assembled in Amsterdam. The two key factors that make Hans Panels so effective are the patented reflector panel and the Cree leds. Hans Panels use Cree leds, just like our G-Leds. Cree leds belong to the world’s best horticultural leds. Their light output is on an average 30% higher then is the case with cheaper brands.

The reflector panel is made up of two different types of reflectors. One type reflects the light at an angle of 106 degrees and the other at 123 degrees. These two combined create a perfect even light pattern.
The large angle at which the light is reflected makes it possible to hang the light really close above the canopy. As close as 20 cm. This makes the Hans Panels ideal for use in low spaces.
The open reflectors are not covered by a glass panel so there’s no light filtered out.
So watch out when you spray your plants.

Growth and bloom
Hans Panels are suitable for growing as well as flowering plants. With a switch the light can be set at grow- or bloom modus.
At the grow modus it consumes only 85 Watt.
During the grow (vegging) stage and during the first two weeks of the flowering stage the light can be run at this modus.
After two weeks of flowering the Hans Panel can be switched to it’s flowering modus and the red leds are switched on as well.
In this setting the panel consumes maximum 180 Watt.
Maximum? Yes, indeed. With a build in switch the light can be dimmed and less power will be consumed.

Size (h x w x d): 176 x 61 x 61cm
Material: PVC/XPS/PVC sandwich panels
Surface ~0,35m2, space for 9 x 6,5 ltr pots, 4 x 11 ltr pots
Ventilation: Winflex 185M3 per hour, including silencer.
Filter: Prima Klima K2600 240M3
Timer: Legrand Omnirex
Light: Hans Panel 100W
Warranty: 1 year on all technical parts

Hans Panel 100W
Real power: Max 100 Watt
LED power: 155 Watt
Max surface: 60 x 80cm
Light intensity: 429 μmol at 30cm
Leds: 4 x Cree XPEBRY P01 Royal Blue, 12 x Cree XPEBRD 801 Red, 6 x Cree XPG-BWT GE6 White, 5 x Cree XPEBRO 901 Red Orange and 6 x Cree XPE EPR 901 DeepRed
Reflection Angle: 106/123°
Ventilator: Smart & Silent, temperature controled 0-100%
Inc.: stepless dim function light intensity 0-100%
Warranty: 2 jaar

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Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 5964824749 cm


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