G Tools Bonanza CMH Grow cabinet 315 Watt 1m2

Bonanza grow cabinet with CMH lamp side and ready grow cabinet

The importance of saving energy has become increasingly important lately. People are constantly looking for an alternative to energy-guzzling high-pressure sodium lamps.

This is when the CMH lamp comes around the corner. The CMH lamp is not the same as a metal halide lamp. The ceramic components that are incorporated in the glow tube of the lamp tolerate much higher temperatures than the quartz used in the sodium lamps. Due to the higher temperatures in the glow tube and the metal halides, a much more complete spectrum is formed than with the sodium lamps. The spectrum of the CMH lamp is closest to that of normal sunlight compared to all other lamps. Higher temperatures can be achieved with relatively little power consumption. In addition to saving on energy, this also means much less heat emission, which is ideal for a grow cabinet.

CMH Lamp

The CMH lamp integrated in the grow cabinet is the Sunkraft 315 Watt lamp with dimmable Lucilu ballast and the Azerwing reflector with the special PGZ18 fitting.

Growing with this energy-efficient lamp offers various advantages. Less power consumption also means less heat. The combination of a good parabolic reflector and the low heat emission of the lamp makes it possible for the lamp to hang up to 25 cm above the crop. This gives enormous light output. The dim function offers the possibility of having the lamp burn at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100% of its power. This makes the lamp very suitable for use during every phase of plant life.

Air exhaust

Like all complete Bonanza 1m2 grow cabinets, this model also has a GT 125 2-position extractor for extracting warm air from the cabinet. The extractor can be set to position 1 99% of the time. The 220 m3 air outlet at position 1 is more than sufficient to keep the cabinet at the right temperature. If it turns out that you need more air discharge, you can set the extractor to position 2. 360 m3 of air will then be removed per hour.

Thanks to the silencer at the outlet of the extractor, it is barely audible. On the suction side, the extractor is connected to a Prima Klima carbon filter, so that the air in the room where the cabinet is located is clean and odor-free. The service life of the filter is approximately 1 year. This can easily be changed.

Air supply

When the doors of the cabinet are closed and the extractor is running, vacuum is created in the cabinet. Air is now drawn in from outside to inside the cabinet. Since air is just like water, the easiest way is sought. This is via the 6 air inlets mounted in the rear wall. These allow air in but no light out. The inlets are mounted on the bottom of the rear wall. The carbon filter, the air suction point, at the front of the ceiling. In this way, a fresh air stream always flows diagonally through the cabinet along the plants.

Due to the reduced pressure, the air can only leave the cabinet via the extractor with the carbon filter. So you don’t have to be afraid of unfiltered, smelly air coming out of the cupboard.


The cabinet has a timer with which the lamp can be switched on and off. There are 3 contacts with continuous voltage on this timer. These can be used for any swivel fans or irrigation systems.

Specifications for: Bonanza CMH Growbox 315 Watt 1m2

Dimensions 176 x 118 x 78 cm
Power 315 watts
Surface area 1 m2. Place for 15 x 6.5 l pots, 12 x 11 l pots or 4 1 meter rock wool mats.
Ventilator G-tools 125 2-position fan- 230 / 360M3 switchable per hour including silencer
Prima Klima K2601, 360m3 filter
Transformer Lucilu 600 Watt dimmable e-ballast
Sunkraft lamp 600 Watt, 2000 Kelvin
Switch box G-tools switch box with clock and relay

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 176 cm


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