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Brimex Insectspray concentrate


Brimex insect spray is an environmentally friendly spray and protects your trees, shrubs, crops and plants against: fruit fly, thrips, different aphids, spider mite, whitefly, ants etc.



Brimex Bug-Scan® Yellow


Bug Scan for rapid observation of various winged insects and mites. The perfect tool to timely determine the presence of pests and to monitor the populations of existing pests.

BioGroei Orius 100


Oririus are predatory bugs against thrips and are the only natural enemy that will also consume adult thrips.

Brimex Steinernema System


Effectively combats larvae of thrips, fern mosquito, mushroom mosquito and leafminers.

Bioquant Bio Bifec res 2.5 ml


Is against treatment of mature plants with moderate & severe spider mite infections

Bioquant Bio Ivermec 2.5 ml


For the treatment of young crops (cuttings and seedlings) against mild-moderate spider mite infections.

Brimex Orius against Trips


The predatory bug Orius seems the most voracious among the organic thrips fighters. It is the only natural enemy that also tackles adult thrips. Often enough one sees an Orius with a thrips on its snout running across the leaf.

Brimex Bug-Scan® Blue


Bug Scan for rapid observation of trips. The perfect tool to timely determine the presence of pests and to monitor the populations of existing pests.

BAC Plant Vitality Plus


It can be used preventively against stress. Spray the top and bottom of the leaves sufficiently. Repeat after 5 days, if necessary. This product is biodegradable and, thus, has not negative effect on the plant or the medium.

Soil Attack Liquid


prevents problems with soil borne insects that nestle in the substrate and harm the root system. Soil Attack Liquid is a 100% organic product that is not harmful for your plant or natural predators.



Dislike prevents problems with flying, crawling and sucking insects that nestle on or around the plant. The preventive use of Dislike prevents problems with spider mites, thriphs and aphids. Dislike contains a mix of essential oils that keep insects at a distance. Dislike is a 100% organic product.

Pressure Sprayer 2 ltr


With continuously adjustable nozzle spray jet to fine spray

Rogis Root protector


Rogis Root protector insectcontrol for soil

Rogis Wonderspray


Rogis Wonderspray insectcontrol

Rogis Garlic


Rogis Garlic insectcontrol



CANNACURE is CANNA’s first product that prevents, controls plant pests and mildew! Since its introduction in the beginning of 2011 it has been praised by many growers. The Natural Way to Control Pests

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