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LUMii SOLAR 315W Fixture


The LUMii Solar 315 is a complete fixture that power 315W ceramic discharge metal-halide (CDM) lamps to give plants the best possible spectrum of light.

philips cdm-tp 315w/942


The Philips MasterColor cdm-tp 315w/942 Elite MW system offers an unrivalled level of light quality and performance. The lamp’s sparkling white light creates a natural ambience and really brings out the best in all different types of colors.

Lucilu dimmable e-ballast CMH 315W


The luciliu dimmable CMH 315W ballast is made for use with the Ceramic Methalide lamp. Like all Lucilu e-ballasts the CMH 315W is equiped with “soft start” technique. This ensures that the lamp is being switched on with low starting current. This is safer and extends it’s lifespan.
The Lucilu is fully equipped with a fine fuse to protect it against over-heating.

Sunkraft CMH lamp 315W


This CMH lamp 315 Watt is highly energy efficient and has a rated lifespan of 12.000 hours. It has a Lumen output twice as much as HPS lamps of the same Wattage. It’s PAR output (Photosynthetically active radiation) is 15 to 20% higher. To run this lamp you need a special ballast and a reflector with PGZ18 lampholder.

Azerwing V-Pro CMH


The CMH315 reflector V-Pro made by Prima Klima is the same as the Azerwing but fitted with a PGZ18 socket. This is the socket mostly used for CMH lamps. The reflector is made of the highly reflective Vega aluminium and finished with a PVD glass coating. It has a reflective capacity of 95%!

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