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Organic Earth is a biological grow shop which -next to her daily business- also fights for the normalization of cannabis culture. Besides an extensive range of products Organic Earth likes and needs to interfere in the discussion on the use of cannabis and the policy on this point. We want to share our knowledge on these topics. One of our tools is our own publishing company Organic Press.

Organic Press is a small publisher located in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Amongst our publications we have books about growing cannabis, the policy and the social discussion around subject.

The 1st edition of Organic Press dates back to 1993, “Sinsemilla sous lumière artificièlle”, a French book for novice cannabis growers. Shortly after followed by translations in German, Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian.

In 2003 we released a Dutch manual for growing cannabis in outdoor: “Cannabis Sativa L. Buiten”. This publication is also available in German and French.

We did not stop there. Organic Press is also strongly involved in the discussion of the policy on cannabis and the social and political discord herein. An example of this is our book : “Onkruid vergaat niet” (“weed does not perish”) by Deborah Bruin, which lists the criminal and administrative history of the coffee shop policy in the Netherlands.

Our latest publication is a photo book, documented by Bert Janssen, on the most well known cultural freezone in Maastricht: Landbouwbelang. A small haven for and by independent souls.

Organic press Library

Weed Nap


A mix of Chem, Kush and exotic fruit. A lethal combo with a heavy high. A Pure gem created by @reallycannarado. Taller phenos lean towards the Kush/Chem side. Shorter phenos will be sugary milk and grapes.

Chocolope Sundae


A sativa dominant Chocolope whom brings sheer vigor to this combo. Great yielding sativa flowers with terpene profiles of cantaloupe and grapes.


Valley Sundae


A high resin yielding strain. Tall phenos will be more OG dominant. The 50/50 Phenos in this cross will have the perfect combo of fruit and gas.

Banana Sundae


A combination of the famous Banana OG from Orgnkid and Cannarado’s Sundae Driver, which adds some color and frost. Terpenes ranging from hashy sugary milk to banana to grape in these super sweet plants.

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