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Celebrate our 25th anniversary by planting the seeds of

You’ll get a 25% discount on all organic earth products when you send us a picture of the flowers you’ve sowed. When you repost and share our messages you’ll get a 10 % discount on all organic earth products.

Discounts can not be combined, 25% is the maximun

Organic Earth’s best sellers

Royalmix 25 Ltr


Royalmix is a mix of the finest, carefully selected types of peat. It ontains various types of fibre and perlite which results in a lightness and oxygen level you have come to expect only of Plagron quality substrates.

White Widow x Special


The new White Widow x Special from Organic Earth Seeds is already a very popular cannabis strain with enormous yield and heavy stone.
Exceptionally easy to grow, flowering time of only 49 days and definitely not stingy with its yield.
It is a compact plant, ideal if you have limited space.

Important: The Widow x Special has an extremely sharp smell skunk. Therefore take care for a good ventilation. You will be rewarded richly.



The Grapefruit is developed out of a Cindy 99 cannabis, bred with an autoflowering Sativa for some generations. Selected on it’s strong Grapefruit / Pineapple smell. She is a semi-autoflowering cannabis strain, which will flower under 24hrs in low light conditions. A highly praised cannabis strain and very popular for years. Recognised for it’s pleasurable happy high, just like the old school sativa landraces. Only the flowering period of the Grapefruit is 8 weeks instead of half a year. This new style sativa is early maturing, fast flowering and maximum yielding. Buds have a soft smell of grapefruit, sweet taste and intense tropical high. Stabilised on early maturity for some generations now.

Mini fan & Filter


Complete sSet for extracting and filtering air of a small grow room, cools lightsystems up to 250W without a problem.

CBD Oil Capsules (15mg)


Sensi Seeds CBD Oil Capsules are a food supplement containing cannabidiol, a natural constituent of the Cannabis sativa L. plant. CBD Oil capsules are a new way to enjoy all the benefits of CBD Oil – without the bitter taste.

CBD Coconut Hemp Oil Natural


Sensi Seeds’ CBD Coconut Hemp Oil Natural is a rich source of essential oils, vitamins and amino acids that enhances your nutrient intake, helping you meet every new day with vitality.

Auto Ultimate®


Auto Ultimate® is the autoflower version of our bestseller ‘The Ultimate®’. This is a plant which delivers good production levels of top strength cannabis, it is highly recommended and delivers consistently impressive harvests.

LED Protect


Growing with powerful led grow lights can get you beautiful results, there can’t be any doubt about that anymore. But, some of the new generation led grow lights are so powerful, that the plants can sometimes get too much light, which can lead to stress or damage to to the plant. In some cases, plants can turn all white because they can’t handle all this powerfull light. We call this effect ‘photo poisening’; the plant gets too much light, causing the top of the plant and leaves to bleach. Another factor that can cause stress or damage, is the presence of UV lights in most led grow lights. Although UV light is beneficial to good plant development and shelters the plants against bacteria and funghi, plants can be very sensitive to UV light, which can cause a certain degree of stress. By using LED Protect from the beginning of the cycle, you will protect your plants against negative effects of stress that may occur when you are growing with LED grow lights.

Beginner vegetable gardening at home is an easy way to save money. Planting one tomato plant can provide you with 10 pounds of fruit over the course of a season. In almost every case, the flavor and texture of varieties of vegetables from a container vegetable garden far exceed grocery store produce. By planting vegetables in pots, you enjoy the pleasure of savoring delicious, sun-warmed tomatoes fresh from your backyard. Plus, growing vegetables in containers and raised beds can be fun; it’s a great way to get away and spend time outdoors in the sun. Our tips and tricks will help get you the best vegetable garden this season.

Follow us and we’ll guide you through the process

feel the beauty of nature and help the bee’s

Our gift to you are the seeds of wild flowers. We would love it when you’ll sow the seeds in the soil of places that need some life. Making our planet a little bit more beautiful and better for humans best friend, the bee’s.

When we started in 1992 in this trade, things were pretty wild. After 25 years things did change, but unfortunately we’re still in the wild west.

So when you love what we’ve done for the last 25 years, honor us by sowing the wild flower seeds to make our world just a little bit better. We would love to recieve photo’s of the wild flowers you’ve sowed.


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